Digital Prints from Your Photo.

All of the Photos you see were taken with cell phones and turned into Digital Art. A moment in time to remember. A moment in time to treasure and hang in your home. I will send information on how to upload (with links) or take the file to a service like Michael’s to have it printed and framed. Please send as high of a quality file as you can. If you are using a cell phone please make sure it is set to the highest quality. I can add any information such as who it is, important dates, locations, who took the picture and more.
The price is the same for all paintings. I have had really great results at very good prices having them printed and framed. You will also be able to print it on your own printer. A file will be included which fits on 8.5" x 11" size paper and a file which will fit on 11”x 17” size paper along with the larger size for uploading to a service.

It will take me up to 5 days to create your painting. Please let me know if you need it earlier.
I look forward to working with your awesome pictures of special moments in time.

$85.00 $75.00 (Spring Discount!) Makes a Great Gift!

Please email Sales@ThePaintedMoment with your attached Photo!
We will Respond with Details.